What is an Open Air Photo Booth?


In simplest terms, an open air photo booth is one that leaves you out in the open air with no enclosures around you. The “booth” itself isn’t a booth in the usual sense of the word. Rather, it’s a stand-alone camera,  that takes photos from a distance.

Compare this with the classic photo booth, where you climb inside and close a curtain behind you.


There are plenty of reasons why an open air photo booth might better suit your formal event or trade show than the traditional enclosed booth.

Smaller Footprint

Due to their smaller footprint (just 3′ at the base), open air photo booths can get into places that traditional booths can’t.

Getting married at a historic home with tiny doorways? No problem. Gotta fit around an awkwardly tight corner? Open air booths can handle that. Don’t want to clutter up your reception hall with a giant booth? We get it; that’s not everyone’s thing. But that’s where our open air booths can help.


More Room

Unlike traditional booths, open air photo booths aren’t connected to anything, which means you can set it up as far away from your chosen background as you want. That way, you can capture everyone’s full outfits (not to mention those hilarious photo booth props).

Open air booths can also accommodate the most people (6-8 adults comfortably), so no one has to miss out on that group shot. Although, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could always try to fit more of you into the shot!


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